Deli cream was established in 1989 in a small shop in Rishon le Zion
Manufacturing our own ice cream in a warehouse just outside the shop, deli cream soon became to be the most popular and successful ice cream parlor in the city and all around.
The "management" – Rina and Sami Ben Bassat, along with their two sons Avi and Sharon became well known for the good quality ice cream and the outstanding service that was provided to each and every one of the customers – young or old.
In 1990 deli cream copied its success opening another shop, this time in Holon.
5 more years have passed until the "younger" generation decided it's time to go to the next stage, opening a factory and a chain of stores and consistently growing since.
Deli cream is investing a large sum of its income in developing new flavors and improving the existing ones. All, for the purpose of introducing our customers to the best quality, finest flavors and creamy texture in the world.
All ingredients are natural with no preservatives.
Sami's moto has always been:
"I only make ice cream in a way and from materials that I'm sure my grandkids can eat from the day they are born…"
Our factory is built with all the finest and newest technologies offering a better service and a larger capacity with a more efficient line of production.
Our franchises ice cream parlors are all designed and built with a lot of thought, both on the visual aspect as well as the practical one.
They are designed to give full service with least complication, offering all the products manufactured by us (such as scoops ice-cream, soft ice-cream, frozen yogurt, chocolate coatings, flavored ice coffees ets'), as well as complementary products (such as coffee, crepe', Belgian waffles, chocolate soufflé, shakes ets').